Multi Sensor Operating System

Create and manage your home/business automation system, using a simple and intuitive interface in your mobile phone or tablet.

Configure multiple sensors per device, create rule conditions between sensors and control the things you want, wirelessly and without having to code!

Access control

An access control system that monitors In and Out movements and authorizes who can enter based on date, time and other rules.

Energy monitoring

Monitor your electricity consumption over the time to understand how much electricity you use during the day and year. Configure alerts for different conditions and detect anormal consumptions.

Smart Watering system

Imagine a watering system with Wi-Fi, soil moisture and light sensors, with weather conditions, multiple pump relays, real time control and water consumption management.

Remote garage door

Remotely open and close an internal or external garage door, monitor when it opens or closes, receive alerts/notifications, control lamps and other things.

Monitor temperature, humidity, light and more...

It's important to know the environmental conditions inside and outside your home. And you can use that information to control an AC or an humidifier.

Turn Off the Lights

If your kids always forget to turn the lights off, now you have a solution. Wi-Fi and IR connectivity, rule conditions with motion, time and light.

Garden lights controller

Keep your garden lights on, at night during some periods and conditions. Control the lights remotely or locally using your mobile phone, motion and light sensors.

Smart night lamp

You can have a colored night lamp with timer, dimmer and other light effects (breath, earth beat, blink, scheduled on/off) for your kid's room. The lamp can be controlled by Wi-Fi or IR and have sensors.

Motion and intrusion sensors

Keep the intruders outside, monitoring your home outdoor, balconies, windows and doors. Turn lights on, play alarms, preventing intruders from trying to enter in your home.

Technologies, devices, sensors and actuators

ESP32, ESP8266, NodeJS, React, Wi-Fi, Infrared IO, RFID Mifare RC522, DHT11/22, Dallas DS18B20, PIR, Reed switch, Push, state and capacitive buttons, LED and RGB LED, Relay, LDR, Soil moisture sensor, Current Transformer SCT-XXX, Pressure BMP280, Ultrasonic HC-SR04, Buzzer, Tilt sensor, LCD displays and more...

Security and privacy

All devices comunicates over SSL. The data you store in sensorOS infrastructure is yours to manage and control. You can download it anytime and we will never sell or give it away to another company.